cover page pathogensEveryone loves to learn about pathogens – those icky microorganisms that can make us sick and have caused lots of notorious epidemics that both horrify and intrigue us today! Students learn the basics about pathogens and how we have learned to deal with them.

This packet includes 11 engaging, knowledge-building activities for students to learn about…

  1. The 5 types of pathogenic organisms – bacteria, viruses, fungi, protists and worms

    2. Some diseases caused by each type of pathogen

    3. Vectors and hosts

    4. Antigens and antibodies – and basic facts about the human immune response to pathogens,

    5. Vaccines, and

    6. Eight scientists who greatly contributed to our knowledge about pathogens and how to prevent and fight their infections.


Immune System WebQuest Links
Video Recommendations

About Bacteria:

About Immunity and Vaccinations:


Antony (or spelled Antonie) van Leeuwenhoek

Edward Jenner

Ignaz Semmelweis

Dmitry Ivanovsky

John Snow

Louis Pasteur

Joseph Lister

Alexander Fleming

The real story behind penicillin

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