Teaching Graphing to Middle Schoolers

graphing packet coverGraphing with Content Packet-

Graph, Analyze, Conclude!

Teaching graphing to middle school students can be tough. Where do you start? That was my question when I realized that my students had never made a graph before. 

Intervals, axes, titles? My smart, but skill-challenged students had no idea where to begin or even why to make a graph.

After struggling through my first attempts to teach graphing I decided to write it all out into self-guiding assignments that can be done in class and at home. 

I LOVE subject integration and HATE to waste time, so rather than having students graphing meaningless data devoid of any learning value, students get to learn about experimental design and bird behavior as they learn how to graph data. 

I created 5 mini-lessons/instructional worksheets that scaffold the skills of graphing and data analysis. 

Try lesson 1 for free!

Get all 5 levels here!



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