Introduce Complete Dominance & Punnett Squares

Includes a Google Doc Version for Distance Learning!

This all-in-one Lesson and Independent Learning Packet can be done in school or entirely at home via Google Docs.

FREE Slide Show – Follow Up with Complete Dominance & Punnett Squares Activity Packet
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I use this activity and worksheets to completely teach dominant and recessive alleles and using Punnett squares to predict inherited traits. To expose my students to the work of Gregor Mendel, who is the founder of the field of genetics, I use his findings on pea shape and color as the example traits.

Lesson Includes:

Introduction using FREE SLIDE SHOW above

Activity (in school or at home) – randomly select dominant and recessive alleles for pea shape and pea color (Mendel’s peas)

Data Analysis – compare predicted probabilities of allele selection to your random selection

Use Punnett Square to Predict Allele Inheritance

Punnett Square Check for Understanding

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