Chemistry & Atomic Theory

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Atomic Theory and Drawing Atoms (Bohr Model)

Chemical Element Mini-Research Project – Atomic Structure & Physical Properties

Bohr Atomic Model – Warm-ups or Exit Cards – Protons, Neutrons & Electrons

Introduce Atoms and Elements – Building Blocks of Matter and Atomic Models (New)

FREE – Atomic Theory Timeline Project: Introduce the story of understanding atoms (New)

Chemical Bonding and Chemical Reactions

Introduce Chemical Bonding – Ionic, Covalent, Metallic and Lewis Dot Structure

Chemical Reactions Lab – 4 Easy and Fun Experiments for Middle or High School

States of Matter:

Science Unit – Phases of Matter

Let’s Explore – Solids, Liquids and Gases

Categorize Matter:

Element, Compound or Mixture? Critical Thinking Exercises, Warm-Ups (Updated!)

Matching Matter Worksheet: Is it an element, compound or mixture?

Sorting Matter: Element, Compound or Mixture Critical Thinking Exercises Bundle

Metals Activity: Malleable, Ductile, Shiny, Conductive, High Melting Point

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