How the Eye Works Webquest

In this activity students will…eye wbqst picture

  • Learn the main parts of the eye and how they function
  • Have fun with an optical illusion
  • Learn about eye health and common vision problems
  • Compare human eye sight to other animals

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Student Links:

A. Movie: Eyes

B. Your Eyes Article

C. Diagram of the Eye

D.Experiments to Try

Experiments to Try

E. eye health


Caring for Your Eyes

F. common vision problems

G. Eyes Quiz

H. Eagle Eyes

I. Animal Eyes


Research Trophic Levels to Construct a Forest Ecosystem Food Pyramid

Research:  Trophic Levelsfood pyramid

Identify:  Biotic & Abiotic Factors of an Ecosystem

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Student Links:

Organism Menu – accessed through the WayBack Machine (Internet Archive) – all links work!

Ecology Vocabulary Quizlet

Video: Introduction/Review of Food Chains and Energy Pyramids

blank pyramid for web activity

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The Metric System (measuring length) – A Webquest

Includes a Google Doc Version for Distance Learning!

Voyage through 5 interactive websites to practice:metric system cover

  • Reading rulers
  • Making basic conversions between mm, cm and meters

Learn more about this activity:
The Metric System: A Webquest

Student Links:

A. Learn about metric length (link)

A. 4. Take the quiz.

B. Reading Rulers Practice – Measuring Length in Centimeters (link). 

C. Measuring Length in Centimeters with Decimals (link).  

D. Measure it! – Centimeters with Decimals (link)

E. Play the Conversion Game

Build Series & Parallel Circuits, Virtually!

With DISTANCE LEARNING I wasn’t able to do the electrical circuits lab with my wonderful 8th graders so I created a worksheet in Google doc to guide them through constructing circuits, digitally, using a free online circuit builder!

electrical circuits activity coverThis activity allows students to experiment with the basics of circuitry, virtually. It works great when distance learning (Google doc worksheet) is necessary or as an introductory activity to a hands-on circuitry lab.

The worksheet guides students in making and analyzing circuits using this interactive.

Students (virtually) construct series and parallel circuits such as these:

Students learn about and measure resistance and voltage as they add resistors and other components to their circuits.

SEE IT ALL BY GOING TO THE PHET CIRCUIT CONSTRUCTION KIT and then make your life easy by purchasing the ready-to-go worksheet!