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Webquest – The Immune System (Includes Google Doc Student Pages!)

Webquest – heart and circulatory system

WebQuest – The Respiratory System: Lung Parts and Health, Breathing Activities

Webquest: Urinary System and How the Body Needs Water

Webquest: Digestive System

5 Webquests BUNDLED: Digestive, Urinary, Immune, Circulatory & Respiratory

Webquest – How the Eye Works

WebQuest – Pathogenic and Beneficial Bacteria Introduced

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Ear Parts & Hearing Lesson: Power Point, Worksheets, Lab, Quiz
Ear Parts & Hearing Lesson:  Power Point, Worksheets, Lab, Quiz

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The Respiratory System – A WebQuest

Respiratory system cover pageThis WebQuest is a breath of fresh air for a busy teacher. You can breathe easy as this assignment provides an engaging journey into the respiratory system.

1. Travel through the respiratory system to learn the parts of the lungs and how oxygen moves into the capillaries while carbon dioxide moves out.

2. Go beyond just the parts to learn why humans are nose breathers, fish have gills and dolphins have blow holes.

3. Don’t just read and watch, but do – practice activating the diaphragm to breathe deeply, try to talk while inhaling and learn why we don’t like to breathe through our mouths.

4. Discovery how some of our vaccinations protect you from lung diseases like whooping cough and pneumonia.

Click HERE to see the worksheet.

Student Links:

A. Go to: How Lungs Work Movie

B. Go to:  Your Lungs & Respiratory System

D. Learn about Asthma

E. Learn about Whooping Cough

F. Belly Breathing – Activate the Diaphragm

G. Why do we breathe through our noses?

H. How do fish breathe underwater?

I. Do whales and dolphins breathe like fish?